About Connect the world

Our project acquaints Czech students with the importance of intercultural knowledge. Our step is to virtually connect young people of different cultures and nationalities at the same time and put everything into a practical context in the corporate sphere.

Connect the World: Join us to break cultural barriers ​

When & where?

27th of January
Online via Zoom and Discord

200+ students.

virtual day.

3+ companies.


09:00 Opening & keynote

Introducing the the program for whole day and keynote from the two companies.

09:45 Cross cultural understanding

Conversations with foreign speakers about their countries. In 30-minute blocks will be introduce Europe, Asia & Pacific, Americas, Middle East & Africa.

12:15 Lunch break

13:00 Introduction of the company partners

13:15 Company workshops

Two rounds of company workshops (one round 45 minute) - choose from different topics.

15:15 Pannel discussion with partners

16:15 Closing & opportunities